fading memories

Cushions- Tuesday 19th September Sarreguemines

I’ve been rabbiting on about the inclement nature of the great outdoors for weeks now.   We’ve been content thus far to wait it out, to scamper out when the sky clears just a bit and make the best of it, but by lunchtime, with visibility still barely enough to find the back ...

09/22/17 5:17 am

postcards from the road

Postcard from a Museum

Sumida Hokusai Museum Tokyo © postcards from the road

20 May, 2017



I painted this bloke about 18 months ago, he's close enough to two meters across not to argue. He seemed to be saying at the time that if one was to get one's life in to balance, one can't do it with both feet on the ground. Well I'm not sure if mine have hit the ground in the last ...

11 Mar, 2012 22:14

captain jojo

Another Season Over ~ Home to Aus

And so another season comes to a close, waterways are as devoid of boats as the trees are of leaves. This blog is currently almost as devoid of posts, but I have a plan! Keep bobbing back from time to time for updates.   ©Peter Hyndman 2010

25 Nov, 2016

sunshine coast daily photo

December 2009 - Some things never change.

After four months in some of the world's most cycle-friendly countries, it's come as a shock to be back home where bicycle safety means a pole with a sign on it! As the wagons circle, one wonders just what one is supposed to do with one's bike.  Stand by the post...

22 Sep, 2017

Peter Hyndman

I thought when I removed myself quietly from the instution known colloquially as "the work force", that my days of working without sleep were over.

I am not sure how it came to be that I now find myself in 2012, with five domains, half a dozen or maybe more sub-domains, several thousand pages of blog to maintain and at least hundreds of web pages in need of taming, as well as a small but terribly distracting mail list to run.

Did I mention that after more than a decade, we have been discretely evicted from Apple's MobleMe hosting, so as all sites are currently, like the economies of the Eurozone, under reconstruction.

So if my pages have a link or two missing don't fret for a week or two, at least until after this message has been removed, by which time I will once again be happy to hear from anyone!

In the meantime, please browse this one page and try your luck with any link that works. You will probably have to use your browser's "back button" to return though.