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Ten Years for Our Portal Administrator (And Sunshine Coast Daily Photo)

What can we in the City Daily Photo community say about Peter Hyndman?  Second only to Eric Tenen of the now-closed Paris Daily Photo, Peter is THE MAN in the CDP community.  The original CDP portal crashed several years ago.  No problem.  Even though not a tech guy at the time, Peter taught himself how to cobble together a new portal, which he continues to maintain today.   (Don't look behind the curtain . . . Band-Aids and chewing gum are holding it together.)  And he pays for the Linky and all the other costs out of his own pocket.

Why?  Because Peter likes taking photographs and showing them.  The Queensland (Australia) Sunshine Coast Shires of Noosa and Maroochy merged with Caloundra City on March 15th 2008, so on that day Peter started Sunshine Coast Daily Photo.  Ten years without interruption, even though Peter and his wife spend most summers aboard a boat traversing European rivers and canals.   (Give yourself a treat and visit Fading Memories each summer.)

Peter, we are in your debt.  THANK YOU!


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March Gallery - PLAY

Birds on a beach are for chasing.  Right? On March 1 the City Daily Photo bloggers will bring out their inner child and display their best interpretations of the theme, "Play." ...



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12:00am Jan 1 Essential to the ecosystem by recycling dead plants and wood, their mounds are a common site in t

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