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Well it's all still a figment of our very fertile imaginations I'm afraid, but in the coming months we'll be producing pages of stuff on how to sail, fundamentals of sailboat racing, safety precautions, cruising, power boating, rowing and fishing.

• how to sail
• racing
• safety
• fishing rowing power


Don't worry that it's not here yet, you've got to build your boat first!

If you can't find it on this page, why not search this site?


Well there's a novel idea! It occurred to us that there are many who hold on to the dream of owning a boat, but are afraid to do so because they think there's something mystical about the act of sailing that requires expensive lessons to master.

There isn't and you don't. Oh all right I won't shatter the illusion altogether, there are all sorts of mystical experiences you will have when you are out there silently gliding along on a calm day, and there are other sorts of mystical experiences to be had when pushing a craft to its limits when conditions get tougher, however, the rudiments of sailing can be learned easily in a short time.

This is particularly true in a simple and forgiving vessel such as the OzRacer, it's really almost a case of sitting on the high side, pointing it where you want to go, and pulling on the string till it moves.

Of course there is always more to learn than that, and with the expectation that you won't need to know more till after you've finished building your boat, we'll start the "How to Sail" pages after we've finished the "How to Build" ones, but you can play with a nice simulator here in the meantime!


Many, many people are intimidated by all this talk of "racing" which is interesting, because often they are the ones who won't be beaten at the lights when driving their cars!

Racing is just the best way of learning how to sail that was ever invented. In the PDRacer world in particular, where prizes by the rules must have no value, you'll find that everyone likes to win, but just by being out there with similar boats, you'll learn heaps about yourself and what your boat can do. When you get in there'll be no shortage of advice, particularly if you happen to win!

There are a few rules to remember, but they are basically bringing some common courtesy and right-of-way rules to the waterways, and should be understood and applied by all sailors whether racing or not.

So after we've finished the Sailing pages, we'll do a thing on how to race too!


OK, we'd better do that as well, but in the meantime don't go out without a paddle, a lifejacket (buoyancy vest), a bucket to bail with, and a length of rope that can be used to tow you home. Remember these are small boats, not ocean cruisers!


OK OK now I'm really feeling intimidated.

With so much to do at the computer, how am I ever going to find out about that stuff? I suppose I could always sneak a peak at the PDRacer fishing record photos.

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