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Please visit both these sites for a comprehensive catalogue of boat building kits and supplies.

All you will ever need to finish your OzRacer, and the support to help you through the project as well!

If you can't find it on this page, why not search this site?


Aha! WE know why you're here! You've come to this page because you want to cheat!

We've found the world's simplest boat, with the world's clearest plans and the world's most comprehensive help system, and YOU want to cheat on the construction!

Well that's OK, we understand that in today's world, not everyone has the time, equipment or space to build a boat, however in a genuinely fantastic and serendipitous coincidence we have managed to somehow co-opt the fabulous furry Duck Companies among others to assist you!

They can supply plans and all manner of parts, hardware, glues, paints, materials and more! Shortly we'll also have a listing of commercial builders who are happy to provide you with a complete boat.

Both companies sell more than OzRacer plans and bits so please pop in to their respective sites and have a poke around, but before you do, here's what you can expect OzRacer-wise.

If you'd like to investigate other options please contact Michael Storer for a complete list of his agents and kit suppliers.


DUCKWORKS - USA are US based internet/mail order suppliers of all manner of bits, plans, hardware, glues, accessories, books, tools and even sails and sail kits.

In fact, Duckworks can supply everything you need to build and use your PDRacer except for the ply and timber - but even there they can steer you in the right direction.

Chuck, the founder of Duckworks was one of the first to grasp the potential of the internet to engage and enthuse people about building and enjoying simple wooden boats. Have a good look through his site - so much information and enthusiasm - a wonderful person.

contact Duckworks by email
or fax (USA)830-864-4197


DUCKFLAT WOODEN BOATS - AUSTRALIA are based in Australia and also ship nation wide.

Among other things they are manufacturers and repairers of wooden boats and somewhere on their factory floor are the first MkII Oz PDRacers, and in the process of building these, the crew at Duck Flat have developed comprehensive patterns to enable them to develop complete kits for the home builder.

Kits currently range from complete materials kits, to complete boats, or anything in between including knocked-down boats ready to assemble, all professionally built faithfully to the Oz PDRacer plans.

They can also supply materials for or completed parts for the PDRacer including pre-made masts, centreboards and rudders, sails, boat fittings, plywood, epoxy, paint, fibreglass and fittings.

contact DuckFlat by email,
fax (AUS) 08 391 3977
or telephone (AUS) 08 8391 3988

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