This section is destined to become the largest of this site by far, with nearly 200 photographs on file to process, and tens of thousands of words to edit (no I'm not joking!) so it may well never actually be completed but we'll add to it from time to time we think.

We hope to provide a far more comprehensive description of alternative tools materials and construction methodology.

As always, please contact us if you see anything wrong, dangerous, or stupid, on these pages or if you just have a great idea that you think the world could benefit from.


For some reason, many sailors think they should only have one sailboat; please realise it is perfectly OK to have several sailboats. The OzRacer is very small and easy to store, yet big enough to carry a couple of people, and it is huge fun to sail because it is responsive and light.

Build one and have some fun. When you don't need the boat stand it upright in the corner of your garage or out back till you get the itch to go sail her again after all it just takes a few minutes to drop the mast in an put the boom on.

They are lots of fun, and so simple to build that you can be on the water having fun in no time. About as simple as you can get for a first time building project and the plan will teach you all the same methods that are used on bigger boats.


Well you're not Robinson Crusoe! We'll show you how you don't need much money at all to have yourself an international class racing yacht. In fact we built ours for the cost of a few weeks lunch money, so there are endless possibilities. Start with the foils and spars, they take forever (or seem to when you're busting to build the hull!) and by the time you've finished them, you'll have enough for the hull! Simple!


Don't worry, Michael doesn't either, and Peter built his first 25 years of stuff armed with a few basic hand tools.

We'll show you how to build your own OzRacer with little more than a stapler and a roll of sticky tape. Ok I lied, but you don't need much at all! We'll even show you how to scrounge the cheapest timbers possible, and why sometimes you shouldn't do that!


Funny that. Fortunately building the PDRacer takes not long at all

Have you ever wondered how other people seem to get to build boats and do stuff that you don't have the time for? I'll let you into a secret, THEY get 24 hours in a day, just like you do! So we'll attempt to show you how to go about planning your work so it fits into small grabs of your day. It's really just a case of being a little bit organised and you can build an entire boat pretty much during the commercial breaks of your favourite television show.

The OzRacer is so small and easy to store, you could even keep the bits under your bed, so you can do a few small things each night before retiring. (No we don't provide counselling services for errant spouses)

If you REALLY don't have any time, then check out our Kits and Bits section (when it arrives) for all manner of prefabricated, or preassembled components!


Before you go further, we strongly advise bookmarking this site, or alternatively stocking a large refrigerator full of sustenance quite near to where your computer is located.

If the boat bug bites, you will probably want to wander through all the bumf on this site and we would hate to have anyone die of thirst or starvation on our account. More importantly, you are going to need plenty of energy for when you've finished your boat!

Now get out there among those links and enjoy yourself!


If you thought swimming with sharks was dangerous, you've never read some of the warning advices in Boatbuilding or Woodworking magazines. On these pages you'll see pictures of people who clearly haven't read those advices either, and it would not be wise of you to follow some of the practices shown. We'll try to point out the error of our ways, but if you are stupid enough to put your finger in the way of a sharp or spinning implement, or your bare toe under a falling sledge hammer, it's not our fault.

We also suspect that it wouldn't be our fault if you finished your boat without incident in the workshop then drowned after falling out of it, or if it fell off the roof of your car and did someone an injury.

What we are trying to say in the least legalese language is, be careful. If someone gets hurt, it's not our fault. On the other hand, if everything goes well, and you all have a rollicking good time, then clearly it's because of our nifty plans and instructions!.


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