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OzRacer FAQ's

All the questions you can possibly think of are answered in Michael Storer's Frequently Asked Questions pages. Of course if need have any information that hasn't yet been added, you are welcome to contact him.


The PDRacer community was in danger of becoming dispersed because of the number of variants being built. This is my attempt to argue a case for bringing them all back under one roof or an even simpler "rule". Probably another over ambitious project for a bloke with not much time, but pop in and see what you think!

Storer Boat Plans

Michael Storer is a leading Australian small boat designer and prodigious promoter of the OzRacer and other sailboats, sailing canoes, riverboats, canoes,fishing boats, Free Plans for paddles.

The Goat Island Skiff

My Goat Island Skiff Pages for when you want a bigger challenge. If you can build a PDRacer, you can build a Goat Island Skiff. Classic looks with modern performance in an easy to build package.

The Eureka Canoe

My Eureka Canoe pages. A lightweight stitch and tape touring canoe that's easy to build and perfect for those days when the river says "come and play".

The Two Foot Skiff

The only boat I own that's smaller than a PDRacer!

Duckworks Boat Builders Supply

The largest, oldest and best internet boatzine, Duckworks has a brilliant and comprehensive internet based marine fittings supply business.

Duckworks are distributors of the Oz PDRacer plans, sails, rigging and all sorts of great gadgets.

Duckworks was one of the first to build a PDRacer, and is a proud sponsor of anything PDR including hosting the world championship events at their annual messabout. You can't get more PDR savvy than that!

Duck Flat Wooden Boats

Australia's leading proponent of Wooden Boat plans, supplies and kits are now manufacturing kits and parts for the PDRacer.

You may order any component in any stage of construction including spars, foils and sails or you may simply wish to order raw materials, timber and paints.

Download plans are also available.

Duck flat also own a few Oz PDRacers and are instrumental in the organisation of the first Australian National Championships.



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