Plans And Contacts

We have no affiliations whatsoever with any of the following suppliers. Well that's not true some of them have become good friends over the years, but what I mean is I'm not on the take from any of 'em! All can provide you with plans and an endless source of inspiration.

If you wish to contact me and you're not from the tax office, or even if you are from the tax office and you want to talk boats, you may do so by email using the "contact" link in the column on the right.

All of the stuff on this site is the copyright of Peter Hyndman and Michael Storer, but you're welcome to use any of it, even if you think you can make a fortune out of it. Of course if you do make a fortune, you'd be welcome to share it with us.

In the meantime, for advice regarding custom designs or building assistance, please visit one of Michael Storer's websites. For plans, kits, hardware and building materials contact any of the following suppliers.

If you would like to own a Goat Island Skiff, but don't want to build it yourself, there are a number of experienced builders at your disposal.

Plan Agents and Material Suppliers

Storer stock plans are available from the following agents only:

Duckworks Boatbuilders Supply and while you're there,why not poke your head into Duckworks Magazine?

DuckFlat Wooden Boats - keep your eye out for boat building classes, you could build your entire boat at the Duckery.

UK and Europe
Seawing Boats

South Africa
CKD Boats

Commercial Builders

In addition to the above,click on their names to contact the following for information on custom building a Storer Boat for you:

David Graybeal
Harbor Woodworks - Portland, Oregon

USARay Frechette Great Falls Boat Works瀈肀ᴓ"

A Great Place to Start:

Often the thought of building an entire boat can be overwhelming for a newcomer. There seems to be so much to learn and so much information just doesn't make any sense.

The Goat Island Skiff is an ideal boat for a complete novice, however for those who may not be sure of whether they are ready to take on a project of this size, or who perhaps need to learn a bit more about some boat building techniques, the PDRacer exists to teach you everything!

The construction methods employed in the building of the Oz PDRacer are identical to those employed in the Goat island Skiff, but at half the length the amount of work is significantly less.

Even if you don't want to build a smaller boat, the plan set contains almost a hundred pages of illustrated instructions on how to complete each task, and as a primer for the bigger boat, is well worth the $20.00 cost. Plans are available from all the above agents.

More information can be found at

Michael Storer

Michael has to be just about the most accessible small boat designer in the world today, if you don't come across him on one of the many internet forums to which he contributes, you can probably find the answers on his websites.
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