It's terribly easy to get effusive about the Eureka, after all it's just a Canoe for crying out loud! The reality is that it's a canoe, as I have already observed, which is extremely easy to build, and works beautifully when used for its intended purpose.


It's also very attractive, and as our photo gallery grows over the coming months, we're certain you'll agree too!





From the outset, I didn't want the boat to be heavy, and when Michael hinted at an option for using 4mm ply rather than 6mm, I didn't hesitate. Ironically the boat had been designed for 5 mm ply, but suppliers simply stopped stocking it at about the time our build commenced.


We have used a little glass on the bottom to add stiffness because of the thinner ply, but I wonder if it needs it. (Michael is a better judge of those sorts of things than I).


The end result is a boat which weighs about 18 kg (36 lb.) without taking any extreme measures, a little more than two thirds the weight of a boat built with the thicker material.


Of course others have gone to much more trouble and saved a third again, but I am happy that we have a very light boat which is easy to handle and to lift onto the roof of the car.


Compared to the weight of the "standard" boat, I'd recommend the thinner material provided the builder understands that it will be more difficult to construct, and arguably somewhat less resilient in use.




Soon kiddies, soon!




The boat paddles effortlessly, it's very light and quite stable directionally (for a lightweight canoe) although I am far from an expert, I can keep it pointed where I want to go. I'll be back with more on building paddles before we launch!


In the meantime you may not be aware that you can download free paddle plans from Michael Storer's website, see the link at the right.





All small boat sailors should be aware that capsize is a possibility and practise their capsize recovery procedure, so that in the event of an unforeseen mishap in the middle of a lake or an ocean, they are able to recover safely. It pays to be prepared and while a lot of the photographs on these pages feature people who are not wearing flotation devices, they were all taken under controlled conditions, with multiple safety boats present and in shallow water.


We do not condone or recommend boating without wearing an approved flotation device.



 Have Fun!


We intend to, just as soon as we've got our Eureka finished!













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