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The web is a wonderful place but it gives us far too much choice and far too many ways to get photographs online. So in striking a balance between bandwidth and information, I have embedded only one of our small Flickr Galleries. Links to others containing several hundred photographs may be found below the Videos.

Interesting perhaps, is that canoe people tend to take a photo of their boats and get out there and use them, never to photograph the experience again. Hopefully in the future we can rectify that situation.

The slideshow below should load in a few seconds even on dial-up connections and is controllable, but NOT clickable, for more information please visit out galleries on Flickr


A Small Eureka Canoe Photo Gallery


Moving Pictures:

Eureka 155 - The Launch

Phil and Chris launch their Eureka 155 Canoe with due ceremony.

Watch those first nervous moments as a gallery of thousands watch on, and how rapidly full confidence appears in a boat which had never floated before.


First Impressions

After launching their Eureka canoe, Phil and Chris just had to give everyone a ride.

In this clip you'll see all modes of paddling, but perhaps to me the best reflection on the boat's performance is the pace at which a father and his five year old managed to move the boat.


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